Client Testimonials


I recently made the decision to pursue a new career path, but I struggled to understand the expectations of different hiring managers. Don helped me to develop the best strategy for breaking into the public relations industry. He provided me with a list of companies to target and taught me to effectively utilize connections. We worked together to revise my resume and cover letters specifically for PR opportunities. After our session, I was more confident when applying and interviewing for positions. The best part about working with Don was his genuine interest in my job search. He encouraged me to ask follow-up questions and even reached out after our session to check on my progress. That being said, Don exceeded my expectations as a Career Coach. Francesca, Career Change Candidate


Don is an amazing professional. He has been helping me as a Career Coach and I couldn't be more thankful for his wonderful job. I'm new in the U.S, and he has giving me the direction and orientation to start my professional career here, giving me the tools to be ready. I highly recommend him!! Daniel, Early-Career Job Seeker

Don and I matched through LinkedIn’s ProFinder service and I am so glad we did.  He is agile and delivers results! Given my situation, he adjusted to my current needs without losing focus of my longer-term career goal. Through the entirety of our session, he regularly gave new and insightful perspectives that have proven to work in practice. I enjoyed working with Don and would most definitely consider him again in the future. Andrew, Early-Career Job Seeker


During my career transition from for-profit to non-profit, I reached out to Don to help make my transition more seamless. His coaching session was very thorough; from providing suggestions for my resume and cover letters to tips for salary negotiation and interview etiquette. I left the session feeling more confident than I was at the beginning of my job search journey. He was also very flexible and continued to provide guidance even after our session. I’d recommend Don to any professional who is looking to make leaps in their career! Folusho, Career Transition Candidate

What I love about working with Don is that there is ZERO nonsense when it comes to his level of professionalism. He comes prepared, takes the time to research and understand your previous work experience, and formulates a plan of execution that doesn't simply tell you what to say or do but makes you think for yourself. That is a strong indicator of a good leader. To quote one of the greatest leaders the world has known, "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."

Our session consisted of the following:
-Communication Strategies
-Interview strategies and techniques
-Salary Negotiation
-Effective job search methods (did you know that over 65% of employment is through your immediate inner circle?).

I implore anyone that is frustrated with your current career search strategy to reach out to Don. Cesar, Mid-Career Job Seeker


Working with Don as my career coach was a fantastic experience. Right off the bat, he came to our first meeting having done his homework on my specific career situation, and was prepared with specific and actionable steps that could be taken. During our session, we discussed four major areas of focus: 1) communication vehicles (e.g. resume and cover letter), 2) industry & job search methods, 3) interview techniques, and 4) salary negotiation / offer acceptance. I was able to tailor our discussion to focus on the subjects I needed the most help in. After our session, he continued to provide helpful support and answered all questions I had, both related to specific offers and general advice. I would - and most certainly will - recommend Don to anyone needing help with a job search or career change. Greg, Mid-Career Job Seeker

Don is fantastic. His career coaching proposal was the best I received by far. We had a Skype call that went over interview prep, the interview itself and salary negotiations. Don has a ton of experience interviewing job seekers. He was able to point out what was unique to my story and work experience that can serve as impactful talking points on an interview. He also sent me a write up of an email cover note and a cover letter that will make me standout in content and composition. We also edited my resume and I am thrilled with the final draft. I felt that all of his advice was practical and he spent the time to cater to my specific needs. An all around great experience, I strongly recommend it. Amber, Early-Career Job Seeker


When searching for my first job right out of college, I was nervous that I was just another resume in a pile of applications. Don helped me stand out and be persistent when contacting potential employers. He guided me on how to construct emails to employers which resulted in numerous interviews. I landed my dream job working for a major retailer one month later. Kelly, Entry-Level Job Seeker

At first, I was nervous about searching for a new job and I wasn’t sure how to get started. Don helped me find the confidence I needed to start pursuing new opportunities. When consulting with Don, he offered advice on how to best sell my candidacy during an interview and I landed a job shortly after. Juliet, Entry-Level Job Seeker


I didn’t know what to expect in my job search, and the interview process was definitely the part I was most nervous about. Don was able to give me a clearer picture of what exactly to expect from the interview process and even helped me prepare by asking some challenging questions that an employer might ask. I landed my first job 2 weeks after contacting Don and I have been working at my company ever since. Don helped me understand the overall job search process. He provided constructive criticism and was an instrumental part of my success in the real world. Kim, Entry-Level Job Seeker


After job searching for almost a month, I reached out to Don for the inside scoop on what employers are really looking for. After consulting him on questions from resume writing to how to close an interview, I happily accepted a job in healthcare advertising and haven't looked back. I would recommend him to all my friends and family looking for a job. Taryn, Entry-Level Job Seeker


I wasn’t exactly sure that my field of choice was best suited for me, but after working with Don, I felt confident that I chose the right industry – a place where I can learn new skills, grow, and have the opportunity to explore different areas. Don was approachable, honest and hands-on when discussing my future. Lucas, Entry-Level Job Seeker